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*Our Podcast is currently in dire need of donations. We have reached a point where Soundcloud and Itunes are charging us to have every episode online at the same time. All donations will be put to first hosting the podcast secondly the web hosting for the website, and if we make any donations past that cost it will be put to bettering the production value of the podcast, and any left over money will be re donated to children's miracle network. All donators will be thanked by name every podcast as a supporter. In the future we will have perks for donators as well as merch. 

(Disclaimer) There are no guaranteed products or services offered in exchange for this making this donation.

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Once a week on Sunday at 11 am EST Mike and Nick plan to take you on a wonderful adventure via a podcast. For an hour to an hour and a half you will be able to listen in on the comedic, hard hitting, heart felt stupid drunkeness of a dopey Brit, goofy Canadian and sometimes a special guest! The sky is the limit for the topics these boys will discuss. From local news to first kiss. Podcasts will be rated anywhere from family friendly to do not let your nan hear this. We will warn in the written description of every episode. Why not listen to our podcast its not like you would spend that hour and a half "studying" or "out with friends". We look forward to making you laugh every Sunday.


-Mike & Nick